Peppermint Power 2L, Box - 10 units
Peppermint Power 2L, Box - 10 units

Peppermint Power 2L, Box - 10 units

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A powerful, menthol scented spray to naturally cleanse, clear and uplift your home. The specialised and unique signature Peppermint Power Spray is specially developed to clean and clear the home environment.


  • Strong, powerful menthol aroma – cleansing and clearing.

  • Easy to use – spray around doorways, window sills, entry points, cabinets, under furniture; re-apply when aroma dissipates.

  • Convenient - ready to use; no diluting required.

  • Multipurpose – use indoors and outdoors.

  • Ethical – natural peppermint menthol aroma, safe for you and the environment.

  • Contains Peppermint Power Oil – effective strength for providing a strong menthol aroma; peppermint essence and fragrance oil are inferior quality.

  • Care - Peppermint Power Spray has a strong menthol scent that can be overpowering with overuse; apply sparingly and spray more as needed.

  • Natural - free from SLS, synthetics, parabens and fillers.

  • Local – created and made in Australia.

Hose End Trigger Sprayer: Sold separately.

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Aqua, Non-Ionic Surfactants (Plant Derived), Peppermint Oil, Signature Blend Essential Oils, Cosmos Approved Preservative, Citric Acid.

Use the menthol power in Peppermint Spray to cleanse and clear your home.

How to Use:

1. Shake bottle well.

2. Spray onto surfaces including window sills, door jams, in cabinets, under furniture and access points.

3. Re-spray when scent dissipates.

Recommended: Use in conjunction with Peppermint Power Oil.

Safety: Use sparingly in confined spaces. Use with care during pregnancy (including pregnant pets), particularly the first trimester. Wear gloves. Not to be taken.


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