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Oil of Cloves has a long history of use in health, medicine, aquaculture, dentistry and cleaning. The plant is steam distilled to create a natural yet potent oil which can be used as a great alternative to toxic, chemical products and practices.

Oil of Cloves

Oil of Cloves also known by its botanical name Eugenia caryophyllata and often referred to as Eugenol is a pale to light golden yellow solution with a pleasant warm and spicy aroma.

Using Oil of Cloves

Oil of Cloves has many practical uses making it a great addition to have on hand around the home.

Cleaning Mould

Oil of Cloves is perhaps one of the lesser known essential oils in cleaning, unless you have mould of course! In cleaning it is best known for its potent ability to abolish mould and hinder mould regrowth.

Dilute ½ - 1 tsp Oil of Cloves to 1 Litre of water in a spray bottle to treat mould. Shake spray bottle well before each use to disperse the oil and lightly spray over affected surface to kill mould and inhibit mould re-growth. Leave for 24 hours, where possible and remove any residue with a soft, clean cloth. Oil o Cloves can be used periodically for mould prevention.

Only ever use Oil of Cloves diluted. When undiluted the oil may cause the grout between tiles to darken and may damage surfaces and it is not suitable for use on polymarble surfaces.


Oil of Cloves is perhaps best know for its traditional and current use in dentistry to anaethetise a sore tooth and control dental pain.

To use Oil of Cloves as an emergency first aid remedy for toothache dab a cotton bud with 1 drop of Oil of Cloves and gently apply to affected tooth, taking care to not touch other parts of the mouth such as the gums.


Like many essential oils, Oil of Cloves has been used to treat health complaints from digestive upset and respiratory distress such as colds and asthma to itchy skin conditions. Whilst we don’t recommend its use for medicinal purposes, it can be used in a vaporiser to fragrance a room and have a positive effect on the mind with the added bonus of curbing airborne mould.

Use 1-2 drops in a vaporiser to improve mood and memory, uplift the spirits and stimulate the mind. Should you wish to experiment and make a blend, Oil of Cloves combines well with Sweet Orange, Cinnamon and Chamomile oils.


Oil of Cloves is used by gardeners and the aquatic industry to humanely get rid of unwanted fish such as carp. It is added to ponds to anaethetise the fish which are then removed or relocated.

Your local pet shop or fisheries department can advise on the correct dosage to be used for your situation.

Use With Care

Although Oil of Cloves is natural it should be used with caution and respect in every application. Use gloves when making a preparation or cleaning as it can be a dermal and mucous membrane irritant and sensitiser. It is also best to avoid using Oil of Cloves (clove oil) when taking anti-coagulant therapy (blood thinners) or in pregnancy (particularly the first trimester).


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