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I am after the peppermint oil to keep rats away from my bird aviary?
Use Peppermint Oil and Peppermint Pest Spray together. It is more difficult to keep rats at bay outside and if there is food available like there would be around an aviary. Soak cloth/s with Peppermint Oil and re-apply regularly. 
You may find our blog article ‘Peppermint Pest Spray for Home & Garden’ helpful.
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Enquiring about your peppermint oil that’s used to deter mice. Do you dilute the oil down or spray it concentrated on areas of the house and shed?

The Peppermint Oil for Pests is used undiluted as this will give the strongest scent. You can also use it to make a spray if you want to, one part peppermint oil to 2 parts water. You will need to shake this solution very well to get the oil to disperse in water.

Alternatively, we also have a Peppermint Pest Spray that is made up and disperses the oil evenly.

Does Peppermint Oil work with Cockroaches?

Evidence suggests that pure Peppermint Oil does successfully repel cockroaches and can also be toxic to them. The method is to soak cotton balls/clothin Peppermint Oil and place them in jars/containers with butter smudged on the edges so that they cannot escape. In addition, spray with Peppermint Oil spray in those areas where the cockroaches are to deter them. You could also use some drops of Peppermint Oil in a vaporiser to treat whole rooms as well. The following research makes interesting reading if you wish to know more.


I’m looking to purchase some peppermint oil for pest treatment. I’m hoping (because I saw an article from Florida confirming peppermint oil was an ingredient in a product to deter cane toads) that it could be effective in discouraging cane toads and also wanted to check that it’s safe for puppies. We have loads of ants too so hoping it will control them. Main concern is safety for our new puppy and also that it doesn’t ATTRACT cane toads :-)


Whilst there is no official research on Peppermint Oil and cane toads it does work very well on mice and rats and could well work on cane toads, you would need to give it a try and I would love to know how effective you find it.

Generally, pests don’t like the menthol aroma of Peppermint Oil and it encourages them to move on.

Peppermint Oil can be used around pets although as a precaution I would wait until the puppies are at least 10 weeks old. Other than that it is about being sensible and making sure they don’t have access to directly ingesting Peppermint Oil and not spraying it around their beds or confined spaces.

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Will the Peppermint Oil keep cats and snakes away?

It will not deter cats but it will deter some snakes and we have customers who use it successfully to deter snakes.