Q&A. Peppermint Oil

Can I please know what’s the ratio for pest control?

DIY Peppermint Spray

To make your own spray we advise 100ml Peppermint Oil mixed with 200ml water to make 300ml spray. This is the strength required to be effective. Some recipes advise using white vinegar in the spray as well however, this does not add to the effectiveness of the spray for pests and personally I do not like the smell of vinegar around my home.

Usage Tip: Peppermint Oil does not disperse in water so remember to shake the bottle very well with each use otherwise you might just be spraying water!

We have two young Labradors and wondered if this product is dog friendly?

Peppermint Oil can be used around pets although as a precaution I would wait until the puppies are at least 10 weeks old. Other than that it is about being sensible and making sure they don’t have access to directly ingesting Peppermint Oil and not spraying it around their beds or confined spaces.
You may find our blog ‘Using Essential Oils in Your Home with Pets’ useful.


I'm wondering in regards to the peppermint pest spray what is the average length of time it lasts before it needs reapplying?

The Peppermint Pest Spray can last at least up to one month indoors, sometimes longer in a confined space such as a cupboard. When using outdoors it will dissipate more quickly depending upon the weather conditions. We recommend re-spraying after moisture or rain.


Can I ask, is the pest spray all natural? Inquiry more importantly regarding the ‘avoid during pregnancy’. Can you please explain further?

Yes, the product is all natural. The Peppermint Spray contains Peppermint Oil and with all essential oils as a precaution their use is best avoided in the first trimester of pregnancy.


Please could you tell me if your peppermint spray is harmful to dogs if it's on the ground where they roam about?

Generally, the Peppermint Spray should not be harmful to pets. With the way that you are suggesting to use the spray, I would err on the side of caution and avoid spraying onto the ground where your pet stands and may absorb through their skin. It would be preferable to spray in areas where your pet will not be in direct contact with the spray. I would also suggest not using the spray in confined spaces where your pet sleeps and to store out of reach of your pet the same way you would with any cleaning type product.
The concentrated Peppermint Oil should not be used around pregnant pets or puppies under 10 weeks old. This is the recommendation for all essential oils not just Peppermint Oil.
Is your peppermint oil Mentha Piperta or Mentha Avensis?
Our 100% Peppermint Oil product is Mentha arvensis.
I was just wondering if the peppermint oil spray is considered animal friendly? It would be used in surfaces out of reach of our dog however I am unsure if peppermint oil is toxic for dogs to breathe in.
The Peppermint Spray can be used with pets in the home. We have a cat and she does not react to the peppermint. I would not spray directly around your pets sleeping area or food but it should be fine sprayed in cupboards and doorways wherever you are having pests. The pure Peppermint Oil is concentrated and should be stored out of reach of children and pets. When applied to a cloth or cotton ball it is best to locate these items out of reach of pets as best practice.