Lavender Essential Oil 100% pure
Lavender Essential Oil 100% pure
Lavender Essential Oil 100% pure

Lavender Essential Oil 100% pure

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The Peppermint Oil Store

Founded in 2008, we pride ourselves on providing high quality 100% pure essential oils for use in the home and aromatherapy. In 2010, we created and added our Peppermint solutions range to deter pests naturally.

Lavender Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia), 100% Pure Oil, undiluted
  • 100% pure. Free from SLS, synthetic parabens, synthetics, and fillers; guaranteeing unaltered, pure oil.
  • Steam distilled from lavender flowers.
Practical Uses:
  • For a refreshing and disinfecting bathroom freshener use 6 drops lavender oil with 1 drop eucalyptus in a vaporizer.
  • Lavender is relaxing so a few drops of oil in the final rinse of sheets and bed linen will give a lovely calming aroma.
  • Lavender oil is also well known for its use in alleviating headaches (take care not to overdo it, more is not better). Rub 1-2 drops on the neck, temples, and forehead.
  • Dilute in carrier oil and dab on insect bites to relieve the itch.


Whilst generally safe, repeated use of any essential oil may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction in some people. Always use diluted. Not to be taken.