3 Pest Control Methods with Peppermint Oil

Using Peppermint Oil for Pests strategically around the house will help deter pests without harming them, your or the environment.

It's not just mice that dislike the aroma of pure Peppermint.

Pests that are deterred by pure Peppermint:

  • Mice
  • Snakes
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants & Aphids
  • Plant lice
  • Ticks

3 Methods for Using Peppermint for Pests in Your Home

Using one or all of these 3 methods in your home will help to naturally deter pests without the use of harsh chemicals.

1. Spray: Use a high strength spray such as Peppermint Power around window sills, doorways, under furniture, and in ceiling cavities to deter pests. Due to its antibacterial properties Peppermint Power Spray can also be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and benchtops as a hygienic, all-purpose cleaner.

Note - Peppermint has a strong menthol scent that can be overpowering with overuse; apply sparingly and spray more as needed.

2. Soak: Soaking cloth or cotton balls in pure Peppermint Oil and placing it in areas where pests frequent such as cupboards and entry points.

3. Vapour: Using Peppermint Oil for Pests in a vaporiser or nebuliser will disperse the scent through your home and deter pests. As a bonus peppermint oil in a vaporiser can also help to alleviate brain fog and improve mood and mental sharpness.

Peppermint and Pets

If you have any curious friends of the furry or feathered kind in your home, as a precaution keep any soaked material out of reach to keep them safe around Peppermint. Also, do not spray directly around bedding or food.

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