Peppermint Pest Spray for Home & Garden

Pests are also nature’s creatures and what better way to control them than with the natural elements of Peppermint. The active menthol constituent in Peppermint has a natural repellant effect on rodents and insects. Use Peppermint Pest Spray as an alternative to store bought chemicals to keep your home and garden pest free.

Peppermint Pest Spray

Use a high strength Peppermint Spray around window sills, doorways, under furniture, and in ceiling cavities to deter pests. Due to its antibacterial properties Peppermint Pest Spray can also be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and bench tops as a hygienic, all-purpose cleaner.

Peppermint Pest Spray is appropriate to use year round, can be used regularly as a deterrent and during periods of pest infestation. It's not just mice that dislike the aroma of pure Peppermint. Research and customer experience are finding that a range of pests are deterred including:

  • Mice, Snakes
  • Spiders, Cockroaches
  • Ants, Beetles
  • Aphids, Plant lice, Ticks
  • Flies, Moths, Mosquitos

Spray In The Home

Use Peppermint Pest Spray strategically around the house to deter pests without harming them, you or the environment. Key areas in the home to focus on include:

  • Corners, doorways and windows to discourage spiders, insects and flies.
  • Floorboards and entry ways to discourage mice.
  • Bedroom for spiders including daddy long legs. Around bed, corners of bedroom.
  • Bathroom and around shower for spiders after cleaning.
  • Cupboards and shelves for mice and cockroaches.
  • Peppermint Pest Spray has a strong menthol aroma which can be overpowering with over use, use sparingly and spray more as needed.

Spray In The Garden

Peppermint Pest Spray is also useful in the garden and used in combination with Peppermint Oil for Pests to get the best results. Spray in theses areas of the garden:

  • Onto planter boxes around plants - light spray only directly onto plants for plant lice and aphids.
  • Spray around herbs - herb boxes, under potted herbs and raised boxes, in a greenhouse.
  • Bird cages and chicken coops – best results in combination with Peppermint Oil for Pests.
  • Sheds and outdoor storage.

How Often to Use

  • Apply weekly as a deterrent and when experiencing pest infestation.
  • Re-apply after rain or moisture and when scent dissipates.
  • Apply more often for garden and outdoor areas and use with Peppermint Oil for Pests to boost the menthol scent to achieve the best results. Peppermint Oil for Pests is to be applied to cloth and left strategically around entry points and where pests are sighted.

A Note On Using Peppermint With Pets

If you have curious friends of the furry kind in your home, a few simple precautions are advised:

  • Avoid spraying around bedding and food.
  • Keep any Peppermint soaked cloth away from pets.
  • Store Peppermint Pest Spray and Peppermint Oil for Pests out of reach of pets.

Peppermint Pest Spray will help you to keep your home and garden naturally free of common household pests.

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